The First Automotive Camera Designed to Enable Safe Driving at Night and in All Weather Conditions

7 January 2022 – Las Vegas/Tel Aviv —  Bright Way Vision, the developer of the world’s first automotive night and all-weather camera, announced the launch of its new camera, addressing multiple automotive sectors, including AVs, driver-assisted L2 vehicles, trucks, and light trains.


VISDOM, Bright Way Vision’s night and all-weather camera system, provides clear-as-day images at night, through glare, and in low-visibility weather such as rain, fog, and snow as well as their combinations with complete darkness.


Autonomous vehicles are gradually becoming a reality, and can already be spotted in sunny locations around the world. These vehicles only operate during the day and in clear weather because AV visibility is impaired in darkness and adverse weather conditions, stalling the industry and business continuity – a critical factor for the future and economics of autonomous driving.


Powered by patented GatedVision original technology, VISDOM eliminates the need for complex and expensive sensor fusion and can be paired with the standard day camera for full coverage of the vehicle’s forward-looking perception needs. When combined with a standard camera already in every sensor suite, non-stop driving with clarity can be achieved economically throughout the year for the first time.


Bright Way Vision’s VISDOM is a market-ready camera system that includes a CMOS-based camera and a NIR eye-safe illuminator – both of which are synced together and can see clearly at up to 250m away at night and in adverse weather.  This improves the reliability of any sensor suite and regains road safety where today’s vehicle sensors, such as LiDAR, radar, and thermal, simply can’t see.


“Trusted by automotive industry-leading manufacturers, VISDOM was tested and commercially deployed by the most demanding automotive and transportation brands,” says CEO Dr. Ofer David.


Bright Way Vision is finally solving the challenges of limited visibility driving for ADAS and autonomous vehicles. With its original video camera and internal illumination, independent of any outside light source, the system meets the complete requirements for forward-looking vision at night.


Please see our latest video of our game-changing camera system.

Visit booth #6970 and join a demo ride to see VISDOM in action


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