Ice Cream Influencer Dylan Lemay Raises $1.5M to Build Ice Cream Empire, Open Experiential Store in NYC

Dylan Lemay, the #1 TikTok food and beverage creator and the largest ice cream creator in the world, is set to massively expand his brand and open a first-of-its-kind interactive and immersive ice cream boutique in Manhattan in Spring 2022


LOS ANGELES, November 16, 2021 — Dylan Lemay, the biggest ice cream influencer and creator in the world with over 13.15 million followers, has officially raised over $1.5 million in pre-launch seed round funding to continue to expand his ice cream business, focusing first on the launch of his immersive and experiential ice cream store in New York in Spring 2022. As part of his expansion, Dylan has also established a brand name for his business and products, titled CATCH’N Ice Cream. Helping finance is lead investor Chris Camillo, well-known finance guru who co-founded Dumb Money, with other notable and established creators Joanne Molinaro (The Korean Vegan), Milad Mirg, and Anthony Baroud, among others, included in the fundraising round.


“I’ve always had a passion for creating food that makes people happy, and who doesn’t love ice cream,” said Dylan Lemay. “With this round of funding, I’m excited to continue to focus my efforts on building an out of this world ice cream organization that looks to create a wide array of experiences around something that people universally love — ice cream!”


“I have worked with many creators, and there’s something truly special about Dylan,” said Chris Camillo. “His genuine and kind personality, his business-oriented curiosity and natural ability, and his gift of bringing people together all stood out to me as important attributes to building such a unique business, and I’m thrilled to continue to work with him to grow his company and expand all the ways his ice cream brand can be engaged with by people all over the world.”


Dylan will lead the organization in its efforts to bring on new partnerships and opportunities, all centered around ice cream. This includes the launch of his new store in New York in Spring 2022. Located in NoHo in Manhattan, the store will be much more than an ice cream shop — it will be a full 360 degree ice cream experience, from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave, and even beforehand and afterwards, with many digital aspects planned as part of the immersive experience. In addition to the store’s interactive quality, there will also be regular collaborations with other creators and celebrities, including creating new flavors that will be available for people to enjoy in-store, with potential national delivery options in the works. More specific details around the store will be revealed early next year.


“Dylan is wicked smart, savvy, and has the kind of work ethic to make an investment banking firm proud. But what makes Dylan extraordinary is his sincerity, which is why he was to build a 13+ million strong community in little over a year. He has decided to channel all his talent and passion into creating not just ice cream, but an ice cream experience.  So when he came to me with this opportunity to invest in something that’s so different in the absolute best way possible, it was a total no brainer,” said Joanne Molinaro, New York Times Bestselling cookbook author known online as The Korean Vegan. “It’s hard not to get behind someone like Dylan, especially when he has such a clear vision, drive, and the track record to deliver on that vision.”


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Dylan Lemay is the largest ice-cream focused digital creator in the world and the #1 food and beverage creator on TikTok. He is also a rising star on YouTube, having gained over 2.5M followers in seven months. Dylan began his digital career by mastering short-form content and sharing his genuine and contagious passion for all things ice cream through daily videos. With a unique approach grounded in compassion, engagement, connectedness and a love for something so universally embraced — ice cream! — Dylan has been able to organically grow a massive and dedicated fanbase in an unprecedented short amount of time, enabling him to focus on expanding his brand into a full-fledged organization, including multiple global partnerships, an ice cream shop launching in 2022, and so much more. For more information, please visit