The Extraordinary Quasars arcade!

located in at 5301 Everhart Rd Ste H in Corpus Christi, Tx, Quasars is an amazing arcade that gives players a taste of the past and the future from Ghost’s ‘n Goblins, Mortal Kombat 3, and the new and only Killer Queen game located in south Texas. This arcade is attracting people from all over Texas from Weslaco to west Texas and today I got to see what that buzz was all about. From walking in the atmosphere is very exciting from pinball machine’s clanks and dings to the retro arcade machine’s 8 bit sound’s it’s like a blast from the past! I didn’t know where to start so I went with what was nearby which was the pinball machines and dropped some quarters into their Twilight Zone machine and gave it my best. Peter the owner had told me the way he had lined up the machines purposely where the easy ones were upfront and the more challenging towards the back so that when people walked in it would be easy for those with no experience to get into pinball.


Through the summer Quasars has been running a lot of events and tournaments on Facebook with prizes from pinball tournaments to fighter arcade cabinets as well as a shooter which he was hosting that night and I got to stick around to see the exciting action. The grid which is a third person shooter that plays in deathmatch mode where you can sync up the cabinets and have a player on each cabinet go at it. This upcoming Friday, July 19th at 8 pm they’ll be hosting a killer queen meet up which is a fun 10 player 5 versus 5 group game so be sure to go out there and bring a couple of friends with you to have a team! if you’re not one for big crowds then just drop by during the week or the following Saturday the place is a ton of fun and be sure to say hi to Peter and his friendly staff. as always if a princess needs to be saved by a plumber from a gorilla or a lighting god needs earth’s mightiest warriors for a tournament be sure to keep it here for everything gaming.

 Quasars  info & Media’s : 

5301 Everhart Rd ste H,
Corpus Christi TX 78411

– De Leon

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