Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse With Hero Sensor Gamer’s Review

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Logitech shakes up the world of gaming again with the new upgraded G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless gaming mouse. Gone are the days of having to stay wired to get the best performance. Logitech’s new 1ms LIGHTSPEED TECHNOLOGY is touting its competition grade performance that truly shined in our testing. Spec wise this thing is a powerhouse. A lot of my time lately has been spent on the road editing videos/photos and of course playing video games. The things I look for in a good mouse is Weight, Size, customization, Battery length, sensor quality, comfort, and price.

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When it comes to size and weight this thing is light and sleek. Even with the removable 10g weight it comes in at about 4oz. The G903 is smaller and lighter than the G602 which is my current every day carry mouse. Despite its smaller size and weight, it felt very comfortable in my hand. The mouse felt a little too light for me without the 10g weight and was a little hard to edit or game properly without it. Due to me being used to heavier mice. I’m sure after more use without the weight ill get used to it though.

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Customizing your mouse to make it your own is always a plus. Besides setting the hotkeys on each button the G903 is ambidextrous and allows for left or right-handed users. Each left- and right-hand buttons connect via magnets for easy removal and installation. For those who want a little extra weight, G903 comes with an optional 10g weight that uses the same magnet system to remove and install. The customization doesn’t stop there though. Once you download and install the GHUB Software you can even customize the DPI Settings, RGB LIGHTSYNC , as well as each physical button.

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Battery wise this thing is amazing. My G602 is a great mouse but I never liked the fact that I had to replace batteries when it ran out. I used to carry the G700 which is rechargeable but is a little too bulky to carry and spends its life at home used exclusively for my gaming desktop. Logitech’s new Power-Efficient Technology gives you 140 hours on a single charge of continuous use with LIGHTSYNC RGB and up to 180 hours with no lighting. You can also download the Logitech G HUB software which will let you know your charge level and the estimated battery life left. But even if you run out of battery you can still plug it in with the included cable to keep using it while it charges. Since we are talking about battery power, I should also mention Logitech’s new Powerplay Pad. Powerplay is a wireless charging mouse pad that works with the G903 and G703 Mice. You can check out the separate review on this site.

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Now on to the sensor. The sensor used in this bad boy is the New HERO 16K Competition sensor. The DPI range is 200-16,000 DPI. For those non techie people out there it means you’ll be more accurate, the movement smoother, and you can use it on different surfaces other than a mouse pad like Your bed, your couch, on glass, or wood surfaces, etc. I personally tested it out on my polyester couch, wood table, cotton bedsheets, and my glass desk with no issues. The built-in surface tuning in the GHUB Software helps as well so I would def recommend downloading it to get the most out of it. The wireless technology has been upgraded as well. I was able to play wirelessly from about 10 feet away from the usb with no connectivity issues at all.

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Lastly and more importantly well move on to comfort. I use a mouse more than 12 hours a day 7 days a week, so comfort is top priority to me. With its smaller size and lighter weight, I was very skeptical of how it was going to treat my wrist and hand. I can say after a full week of use and over 90 hours it exceeded my expectations. I didn’t experience any sore wrist or hand at all. The engineers and designers really took their time when putting this thing together and it really shows.

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Price wise you can get it as low as $75.00 dollars and I’ve seen it as high as around $149.00. Is it worth the price? In my opinion it is worth every penny. Sure, there are less expensive options out there. But if you are a professional gamer, editor, or just someone that wants top quality and doesn’t like to compromise I would def recommend it. I myself like to have the latest and greatest and the Logitech G903 is leading the pack. For more information and more detailed specs be sure to visit Logitech at www.logitech.com

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