Team-based 5v5 game ‘Kingshunt’ shares details on new Heroes X open beta tomorrow

Helsinki, Finland – 24th August – Developer Vaki Games shared the details of all launch day Heroes for its highly-anticipated fantasy medieval combat game Kingshunt. This unique PvP title blends components of tower defense, brutal melee combat, and real-time strategy. Inspired by titles such as Paragon and For Honor, Kingshunt allows players to select from one of six Heroes, one to fit each and every playstyle. Players can join the next open beta by downloading Demo on Steam. The open beta will run from August 25 to 29.

In Kingshunt, players can take the role of one of six Heroes:

  1. Malakai – A melee caster support Hero with a Scythe that can trap its enemies and create strategic opportunities. Malakai can use his Bone Wall defensively to block incoming damage or offensively as a means of crowd control.
  2. Knight – A two-handed sword attack Hero with high armor and defense. Knight has the power to create incredible attack combos, leap towards enemies, and an invulnerability spell.
  3. Enchantress – A spell caster support Hero that assists troops from the back row with ranged spells and morale-boosting buffs. With ranged attacks, lighting-based specials, and the ability to increase teammates’ attack power, Enchantress assists in several ways.
  4. Demigod – A high-powered attack Hero with a two-handed Axe full of devastating power. Demigod can move with speed while still dealing critical damage. This Hero also has a crowd control move through delivering a crushing blow that creates spikes from the ground on a large cone.
  5. Prosecutor – A bruiser-tank Hero with a hammer and shield. Prosecutor can hurl his hammer, charge his shield for boosted defense, and protect his allies with stat enhancements.
  6. Legena – Legena’s arcane powers help keep her close to teammates like a guardian angel. She can also blind enemies to escape or support allies in need. Once she has charged arcane power, Legena can save multiple allies by summoning magical beast Treliv

Each game pits two teams of five against each other with a goal of controlling select territories across the map. In each zone, there is a powerful Guardian that protects the tower and hundreds of horde foes. Both teams must compete against enemy AI, as well as each other, to take control.

Join the open beta on Steam.

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