Summertime Madness Review

Summertime Madness has to be one of the entertaining, challenging, and beautiful games I have played this year so far. This Puzzle platformer has you scratching your head to at times but at the same time deliver on such beautiful visuals as you’re playing. Even the music is very calm and relaxing that way you will be able to give yourself time to focus. An artist is trapped in his own artwork by mysterious man. In order for him to escape his artwork he has to be able to solve his way out before time runs out or he will be trapped forever. You are even able to request hints from the Protagonist but you will be sacrificing your personal time which will be bring you closer to being trapped forever. 


  • Beautiful Visuals 
  • Amazing Puzzle Solving Levels 
  • Easy controls and can use a controller if needed.  
  • Interesting story 


  • Not able to change mouse sensitivity  
  • Music could be increased on certain levels.  

Rating: I would give Summertime Madness “8” out of 10 

As a whole I thoroughly enjoyed Summertime Madness and its amazing Puzzles that the Developers, DP Games, have created for the player. Even though I did not get to finish the whole game and was only able to play a couple of levels it definitely left an imprint in my mind to want to come back and play some more. As I had mentioned before this is one of the most interesting games, I have played this year and I am looking forward to being able to get my hands on the full version of this game.