Helheim Hassle Xbox One Review

Everyone is out to fight giants and be killed but one character just wants to be left alone and relax. This character is taken to road he didn’t think he would cross and be considered a great warrior. This individual, goes to another adventure with an unlikely friend to cross into Helheim to get away from Valhalla.

Here is the story of Bjorn who doesn’t want to fight giants in order to die and go to Valhalla. He just wants to be left alone and tries to hid but he dies…by falling on a bear. He becomes this huge hero and still goes to Valhalla, which I laughed hard at.  Then enters Pesto, who revives Bjorn body so he can help her translate Norse to get an item for her boss. Together they both travel to Helheim and we learn more of their relationship throughout the game.

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  • Story
    • I don’t know much lore of Norse gods and mythology but the developers brought those stories in the game where it strives! I learned a few facts throughout the game where I felt like in a way to understand being a Viking. Throughout the puzzles, you learn more about Bjorn and his adventures while trying to get to Helheim. I would have thought Valhalla would be fun to be in but with Bjorn, you see another view of that part of the game.
  • Innovation
    • I would have never thought of using a head in order for it to unlock a passage or solve a puzzle to continue the game. Then the head would rejoin the body to continue on its quest for Helheim…is just extraordinary! Then with another puzzle, you have to throw an arm in order for the level to be pulled. This gave me that wow factor as it is very different yet innovative.  I like that strategy as it gives participants  another way to solve using the old noggin…literally!


  • Art
    • The images throughout the game were ok with ok color detail. The story line art, at time when it was in video sequences, didn’t sync up to the emotional details. So when a person scream or show emotion, it was just the same facial expression. I had anticipated a more emotional approach to get myself more into the theme of the story line theme.
  • Modern Language
    • I know I know, we all have slang that we use to describe certain situations or individuals. I used slang too when I talk to my friends. The words used in the game from their characters such as “Dawg” and others was a downplay for me. It made me feel like a Boomer when they talked like that in game.

Rate: 7.5/10

Helheim Hassle is a funny game where anyone in the family can sit down and start to play. I enjoyed the story as it was easy to go along with. I laughed at some funny situations but enjoyed the drama that ensued throughout the game. The puzzles showcased innovation that I didn’t even envision of using in a video game. The use of the body parts to solve puzzles and then bringing them back to the body just totally blew my mind. I didn’t though enjoy the less emotional images of art throughout the storyline. I want to see more emotion from the characters in the game and less use of language where I feel old. I know this is used to feel a connection with the young gamers but I don’t know why that would bother me.

Either way, get your hands on this game and have a grand ole time!

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