Storytelling Across Media Comic Con at Home Press Panel Behind the Camera Creatives

Storytelling Across Media from Comic Con at Home was an impressive feat as it opened the doors for fans to learn behind the scenes stories form their favorite movies and shows. Many composers, costume designers, animators, directors, producers and more have taken to the stage to talk to fans and media alike on those projects. We were invited to a private press only panel to talk with a few creatives about their stories. The stories that came from them were exciting yet provided additional detail on how the industry is moving forward.

Interviewee’s include:

Leo Birenberg (Composer for Cobra Kai, PEN15, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous)

Laura Christina Ortiz (Costume Designer from The Wretched, Synchronic)

Andrew McNally (Animator for Lucan Visuals)

Roman Molino Dunn (Composer for Huracan)

Steve Pardo (Composer for Signs of the Sojourner, Dance Central 2, Three Busy Debras)


How many hours per day of work do you put in for a film or project?