Stoneshard releases a new Way Forward update and gets 30% discount

Available 30% off through the Steam Weekend Deal, September 24-28th

September 24, 2020 | HypeTrain Digital announces another major update to Ink Stains Games’ Steam best selling RPG StoneshardWay Forward. This update brings lots of new content, new enemies, reworked dungeon generation and enemy AI to the game. To celebrate the update’s release, players will be able to pick up the game 30% off through the Steam Weekend Deal sale, running September 24-28th. Please note that this is the final sale before the price increase — shortly after that we will raise it up to $19,99.

Here are some of the novelties awaiting you in the update:

  • New Dungeon Generation System. Now the game is capable of creating much more sophisticated and complex structures, as well as fine-tune dungeons based on many parameters.

  • Reworked AI. Now archers will try to stay as far from their target as possible during combat, while most other enemies will try to run away if things turn sour depending on their health, energy, equipment and other factors.

  • New Rooms. From now on dungeons will also contain rooms of uncommon forms and sizes: twisted corridors, decorated halls, roomy passageways, collapsed walls and more.

  • Secret Rooms. You can now find secret treasure rooms initially concealed from your character. That’s not easy, but the result is worth the effort – observant players will be rewarded with sizable loot and unique items.

  • Boss Rooms. Dungeon bosses will be encountered in special rooms with enough space for maneuver and more valuable loot.

  • Skeleton Variety. The skeletons will have different clothes and equipment based on their dungeon difficulty.

  • Ghasts. Upon learning Necromancy, weak-willed warlocks transform into ghasts – a macabre shell of their former self, guided by a deranged obsession with death in all its forms.

  • The Restless Dead. Resurrect incredibly resilient fresh corpses and make them fight on your side. Due to their recent death, the restless’ consciousness is much less fragmented, so it takes considerably less energy from a warlock to sustain them.

Stoneshard puts you in the shoes of a medieval mercenary in a dark and dangerous fantasy open-world. Craft your dream character with more than 100 abilities and 200 pieces of equipment. Take on contracts, fight dangerous monsters, and reap rewards, balancing the moving parts of a deep character development system that demands you manage your physical and mental health. In Stoneshard, there is no reward without risk, and you’ll risk it all with this unique blend of tactical, turn-based RPG and roguelike.