Spice Your Nights With Ghost Tequila

The flash of lights from cell phones fill up the room as one of hosts scream “Who Wants A Shot?” Nearly a dozen hands shot up in the air as everyone are given a shot glass filled to the brim of Ghost Tequila. This new tequila has taken the country by storm as people are lining up to get their shot glass filled.

Disclosure: We received free products in return for review from the company, our review is 100 percent our opinions and everyone who drink is 21 and over.

Drop The Spotlight got their hands on a few bottles of Ghost Tequila and this isn’t your traditional product review. We won’t just have a member try the product and give their own honest review. We decided to turn this into multiple events with not only our fans but with future new customers of Ghost Tequila give their reviews.

We had the amazing Tierney or Buff-Barbie Cosplay model one of the bottles of Ghost Tequila and give it a real nice sex appeal. We had a Star Trek Discovery private party that same night and everyone enjoyed the crisp and powerful taste of Ghost Tequila. Star Trek and Ghost Tequila go hand in hand to enjoy and relax with your friends.


We had our traditional Cosplay Workshop Vol 2 event at Alamo City Comics and it was amazing. We had celebrities from Queen of the South stars JT Campos and Ammie Leonards at the event. We also got musician Project Terror singer Ronnie Stixx, Alamo City Comics owner Eddie, and our host the mouth from the south Jerry in on the action as well. We decided to shoot an awesome video of Ghost Tequila, celebrities and just friends having fun. We had Ghost Tequila provide a great vibe for the event and bring an audience to jump up in the air with an amazing drink.

We were able to meet the mastermind behind the power of Ghost Tequila and he is on a tour around the country showcasing Ghost Tequila to the masses. Rich is a great person with a personality that will turn a meeting into a huge party!

I was able to try multiple drinks and shots over the course of a few months of Ghost Tequila and I have to say its pretty dang good! I enjoy the strong spicy flavor but gives it a unique taste that makes the drink into an experience. The tequila can be mixed into a variety of drinks using some unique recipes that GHOST TEQUILA website does have on there. So get yourself a taste and if it isn’t your city, request it to your local bar tender or you can order it HERE online. Once you taste the tequila, The ghost will follow you.