Creativity Is So Easy With Sam Rochford

When you think beyond the limits of imagination, you strive to create a perfection that is dreamed by man. The conquered thoughts of floating new images and sequences rings the obsessive tones of returning over and over again.

Sam Rochford is musician with a quirky personality that brings an extra spark and background with her music and creative sense. She puts the concepts of her ideas onto her videos that makes you open your eyes wider as your amazed by the different view she showcases on them.

I enjoyed listening to her playing her guitar and  watching her videos on Youtube; It’s just so addicting. She has forged her music through the creative ideas she has introduced with her videos. She is currently do an Inktober marathon where she writes a song and posts it on Youtube each day in October. The amount of content she produces and creates with her music is very interesting and enjoyable as well.


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