Speak Out with Suchy Sha New Track Laylow

Suchy Sha brings you new song called Laylow on Spotify and Youtube! Suchy new song has strong Ska and Latino roots which brings a musical bliss. The lyrics are powerful throughout the song as she speaks of such atrocities such as mental abuse and toxic relationships. Suchy tells her story through situations she has seen happen to friends but she was there to help them as well. She helped them lay low from their abusers and stay safe. A strong song for people that need that motivation not only to seek help but to show that your never alone.

Stand by your friends and press play.

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Press Release:

Suchy’s an extremely talented songwriter, possessing a unique style that’s gained high-profile radio support in the past. A notable return from the Bristol based musician with a latino-leaning guitarline, Suchy channels raw emotion through a sea of latino strings, ska horns and husky vocals. She forges a powerful noise that is all her own – though meant for everyone – based on witnessing her friend endure a toxic, coercive relationship fuelled by mental abuse:

The subject matter that makes up ‘Laylow’ is gathering real momentum both in the news & entertainment currently (namely via key storylines in a number of high profile UK soaps). Uncovering a real life experience while acting as a warning, ‘Laylow’ carries a powerful sentiment of loving & respecting yourself enough to leave and to stand by potential victims, helping them out of dangerous situations.