New Video by JEEN for Anything You Want

Jeen has their new song Anything You Want now available! The color and objects displayed in the video are really cool and different. This gives the song a trippy feel when you give it a double glance. JEEN’s singer has a fabulous voices that stretches across the song with an empire spark. The lyrics speak of not listening to others but to do you. You must go out in the world with that brass ring in the sky in order to move forward and succeed. I enjoyed listening to this song.

Take your brass ring and press play!

Watch here:

Press Release:

friend/band mate Ian Blurton (Change of Heart, C’mon, Future Now) and I produced the song in Toronto/2019 during an armageddon snowstorm. That night we lost power in his warehouse basement studio and we couldn’t really get out of the city for a few days, so we all just kept our heads down and kept working.
The new record will be out on October 9, 2020, featuring Ian Burton on lead guitar, Stephan Szczesniak on drums, Ben O’Brien & Brendan Canning on bass, Jeff Heisholt on synths…and on this track, we also had our friend Kevin Fox come in to play some cello.


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Listen now :