South Padre Island Trip Review

On a trip to the Rio Grande Valley, my family and I decided to take a swift drive to South Padre Island. I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley in a small town called Harlingen and used to go to SPI all the time while growing up there. I enjoyed being at the beach when I was young and feeling so calm and relaxed after the journey to South “Party” Island! I decided to take my family to South Padre Island and see the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico.

Here is our quick review of our latest trip there in June 2020!

The drive from Harlingen to South Padre Island wasn’t too bad but felt faster traveling there than I remember. I didn’t realize how much Los Fresnos has grown and become a small little big city. I do remember about going through Port Isabel and seeing the oceanic creativity from businesses.  I even saw so many new businesses and the use of creativity among the businesses with oceanic brevity.

This is my son’s first time to the beach and just like I thought: he didn’t understand it. He didn’t understand why the waves were coming to us, why the water was aggressive and why the sand was different than regular dirt. This is a good learning lesson for him as he learned the differences between sand and dirt as well as giving respect to the water and ocean. He learned that mother nature is here for us and to educate us on all her beauty. Mother nature should be respected as she can give and take life so he learned about the basics of the ocean and the beach life.

All in All, this was a good trip to South Padre Island, TX! We spent a few hours a the beach and enjoyed the view, the sand, and the breath of fresh air from the ocean. Next time, we will spend the evening there through a hotel and enjoy the beach longer.  Until then, take a trip with the family and give yourself a few hours of bliss at South Padre Island. Your soul will thank you!