The Undertaker – Last Ride Documentary Ep 5 on WWE Network Review and Link

Wow what an amazing episode in the Last Ride Documentary on the WWE Network. The Undertaker is reminiscing his last few matches he has had for WWE and thinking it is time to hang it up. He has talked to Vince McMahon in the episode a few times letting him know he is done but is he really done? Do you think it is time for the Phenom to hang up the boots?

After talking to Stone Cold on the Stone Cold Podcast, Undertaker and Steve talk a bit about his career and wrestling. Then Aj Styles is show discussing wanting to do a match with the Undertaker and starts the elements on getting that started.

Check out our react video of the big announcement in video! Big Spoiler!!

Watch the Episode and see how cool this episode is!

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Watch The Last Ride Ep 5 now: