Smashing through Steam

Smashing through Steam

October 25, 2019 — We have some smashing news that were bouncing around and we wanted to tell you all about it. Our game Sky Racket launched on Steam this Tuesday (October 22nd) and managed to make it debut as the world’s first Shmup Breaker!


Before you get confused, let me explain what is a “Shmup Breaker”. It’s a brand new genre we at Double Dash Studios created in this game by mixing the “Shoot ‘em Up” and “Block Breaker” genres, combining old with old to create new. You could think that this is just a shmup with obstacles where you just have to shoot at everything that appears, but there’s a big twist: you can’t shoot. You have to use your trusty laser racket to smash enemy bullets back at them!


Players can tackle this challenge solo or with a local friend in coop, with the main protagonists RacketBoy and RacketGirl, the heroes chosen by the Capybara Goddes (true story) to save the galaxy from the evil tyrant Korrg! It’s a colorful and funny explosive tennis match around many strange and cool worlds. By dodging many shots and hurling others back at cute but dangerous enemies like fluffy bunny-copters, sandwich-cats and even bananas, you show them that much like karma, some things can get back to hurt you.


Sky Racket Trailer:


– Dodge and dive through fanciful shmup levels! Blast bullets back to break blocks and bust bad guys!

– Gorgeous pixel art and fluid animation so good it’s BANANAS, literally and figuratively.

– Co-op multiplayer to share this funky fun with friends!

– Befriend the best little buddies to aid you in a colorful and whimsical universe!

– Catchy original soundtrack sure to please 16-bit fans!

– Bizarre boss battles! No really, they’re very strange…

– Bullet hell challenges to thrill and test your will! 

– Master the mechanics of rebounding attacks and find creative ways to use your enemies’ weapons against them!


Name: Sky Racket

Developer: Double Dash Studios

Genre: Shmup Breaker (Shoot ‘em up + Block Breaker)

Players: 1 – 2 Local Co-op

Platform: PC (Steam,, Game Jolt, Discord)

Release: October 22nd, 2019

Price: $14.99

Languages: English, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, Russian 



Originally named RacketBoy, the development of Sky Racket began in 2015 at Indies Vs Gamers, a 72-hour game jam hosted by Game Jolt, where it took 1st Place and gained its initial following. For the last two years we, from Double Dash Studios, a 9 member team based in Rio de Janeiro, have been hard at work developing and fine-tuning the game and creating the world’s first Shmup Breaker while appearing at various shows around the world. Sky Racket is a mixture of everything we love from games and cartoons as kids (and adults!). We’ve worked really hard to make it as wacky, fun and challenging as possible. We are really proud and excited to see how people will react to our game. We hope players will laugh at the kooky enemies while they struggle to whack bullets and explode things. We’ve always aimed to seek simplicity by combining retro with modern, creating innovation from classic mechanics that are familiar and easy to understand, but difficult to master, and we believe with Sky Racket we really managed to achieve his goal

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Sky Racket’s website:


Sky Racket Awards:


1st Place at the Indies vs Gamers Game Jam by GameJolt


Sky Racket Nominations:


Finalist at SBGames 2015 (during its first prototype)

Best Game Under Development

Best Visual Art

Best Game


Finalist at BIG Festival 2019

Best Brazilian Game

Best Gameplay


Finalist at SBGames 2019

Best Game


Official Selection by the Indie Megabooth at PAX East 2019

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Hashtag: #skyracket