Skater XL Reveals Soundtrack Artists Including Modest Mouse, Getter, Interpol, and More


Modest Mouse, Band of Horses, Getter and Interpol Round Out Soundtrack for July 28 release of the Skater XL – The Next Evolution in Skateboarding Games

Skater XL, the only skateboarding game that delivers unparalleled freedom of skateboarding expression, has revealed the list of artists that will be featured in the game at launch on July 28 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Each band has a distinctive sound that blends well with the game’s raw street vibe and physical control mechanics.

“We really wanted the soundtrack to reflect skateboarding culture, as well as pay homage to some of the artists that provided the soundtracks to some of the most influential skate videos of all time,” says Easy Day Studios Marketing Director, Jeff Goforth. “Music is such a huge part of the skate culture and by incorporating the artists that created the sound of some of our favorite video parts, and have a connection to skateboarding, it just made so much sense.”

The list of contributing artists and tracks on the Skater XL soundtrack include:
  • Modest Mouse: Exploring a jagged, lo-fi post-rock after forming in the mid-’90s, Modest Mouse became unlikely chart-toppers with a volatile mix of punk-inspired rawness and simmering atmosphere in the following decade. The band first broke through to the mainstream audience with the platinum-selling ‘Good News for People Who Love Bad News,’ their fourth full-length, in 2005. (Official Pandora Website)
  • Band of Horses: Emerging in 2004 with a blend of woodsy midtempo rock and reverb-laden vocals, Band of Horses gained an audience in their native Northwest before ‘Everything All the Time’ made them indie rock darlings. (Official Pandora Website)
  • Getter: Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Label Owner – just a few titles American music producer Tanner Petulla, professionally known as Getter, can claim. With the launch of his own clothing line Trippy Burger, the creation of his own creative hub “Shred Collective” – Getter has become a household name. (Official Facebook Page)
  • Interpol: Since their emergence in the early 2000s, Interpol has occupied a unique space within indie rock. They helped kick-start the post-punk revival that has endured. (Official Pandora Website)
  • Future Islands: Led by crooning frontman Samuel T. Herring, the members of Future Islands started out making electropop music together in 2003 while attending East Carolina University’s art program. Along with Herring, the initial members of the group were Adam Beeby, William Cashion, Gerrit Welmers, and Kymia Nawabi, and they played shows around campus as Art Lord & the Self-Portraits. (Official Pandora Website)
  • Animal Collective: Animal Collective is a group of four best friends who grew up playing and recording music together in Baltimore County Maryland. AC continues to make music after 15 years, 10 studio records, and three live records, that combines a love of sonic free form electronic horror gospel hip hop soul-pop madness. (Official Facebook Page)
  • Silversun Pickups: With their organic but richly atmospheric sound, Los Angeles alternative rock band Silversun Pickups helped put the über-hip Silver Lake scene on the map with their critical and commercial success in the 21st century. Debuting in 2005, they were indie radio favorites until their mainstream breakthrough, Swoon, arrived in 2009. (Official Pandora Website)
  • STARHEADBODY:  An open-ended musical collective, established and led by professional skateboarder, and Skater XL playable character, Evan Smith. Living by the motto “Everybody In,” each STARHEADBODY release features new collaborative artists, allowing Evan to capture audio snapshots of the many adventures that he finds himself in through experimental compositions and recording environments. (Official Bandcamp)
  • Built To Spill: Built to Spill were one of the most popular indie-rock acts of the ’90s, finding the middle ground between postmodern, Pavement -style pop, and the loose, spacious jamming of Neil Young. From the outset, the band was a vehicle for singer/songwriter/guitarist Doug Martsch, who — heavily inspired by Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis — helped keep alive the concept of the indie guitar hero. (Official Pandora Website)
  • Cende: Indie rock group Cende delivered a stirring brand of power pop. The trio began playing together in 2013 after discovering a shared appreciation for garage punk outfit the Marked Men. (Official Pandora Website)
  • Kratos Himself: Honoring the rituals of his home, and reflecting the tones, moods, and life cycles dependent on circadian procession, Kratos Himself binds his melancholic meditations to the patient, ancestral soundscapes of the forest and countryside. (Official Bandcamp)
  • The Shivas: The Shivas are a rock and roll band from Portland, Oregon formed in 2006. For The Shivas, the show has always been the thing. That thing being a bombastic, explosive, and thoroughly communal live rock and roll experience were barriers between the performers and their audience seem to dissolve into the sweat and sound. (Official Facebook Page)
  • Westkust: The Swedish shoegaze/noise-pop band Westkust build their songs out of wall-of-sound guitars, mix in strong, swirling melodies, and top it off with yearning vocals straight from the indie-pop playbook. (Official Pandora Website)
The official Skater XL track listing will be revealed at the launch of Skater XL on July 28.
Skater XL is the first skateboarding game to come to all major platforms in more than 10 years and offers complete physics-based gameplay with total freedom of control and expression. Play as skating icons Tiago Lemos, Evan Smith, Tom Asta, or Brandon Westgate on your way to becoming a skateboarding pro or build your own character with unique characteristics and authentic gear from top skateboarding brands. Dive into the digital skate subculture with more than 60 real skate spots connected by block after block of plazas, schools, pools, buildings, car parks, and corridors. With a huge modding community that has created thousands of maps, digital skate ezines, personal highlight reels, in-game brands, and tournaments, Skater XL celebrates the creativity and dedication of the skate community.

Skater XL will launch on July 28 digitally on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and at brick and mortar retailers for PS4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch will be released later this year. More announcements will be coming soon for Skater XL – be sure to follow the game on Instagram and Twitter, “Like” us on Facebook, and visit the official website,