Rivals of Aether Joins Pocket Paragons

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August, 28th, 2020 SAN MATEO (August, 28th, 2020) – Solis Game Studio is proud to announce a partnership with Dan Fornace to bring you Pocket Paragons: Rivals of Aether. Rivals is a very popular platform fighting game in the indie game scene and in the esports scene. Characters from Rivals will now make their tabletop debute! Rivals of Aether Pocket Paragon characters will reflect the gameplay of the game by not having block moves but instead having more ‘zoning’ tools to avoid situations all together. There will be a total of 4 Pocket Paragons boxes now with the addition of Rivals of Aether. A total of 24 characters will be available on launch.
Pocket Paragons is coming to Kickstarter within the first week of October.
The Kickstarter will feature the following:

  • $20 USD for a copy of Pocket Paragons (4 different boxes to choose from!)
  • $20 USD for the Pocket Paragons Playmat (14” x 28” embroidered edge).
  • $80 USD for all 4 boxes of Pocket Paragons + a free playmat!
  • $20 USD for a Pocket Paragons T-shirt.

    Stretch goes will add mini packs of 2-characters to ALL pledge levels. It will be possible to add a total of +12 free characters to the game through stretch goals. Gamers can also stretch goal Dividers, Stickers, and Solo modes into all copies of Pocket Paragons. Gamers can follow the Kickstarter right now with the Kickstarter Landing page and be notified on launch: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solisgamestudio/pocketparagons