NAS : King’s Disease Review

King’s Disease

Written by Marcus Guerrero (Wednesday, August 26, 2020)


(Before I begin, I am by no means, an authority in the music industry. I am just here to review and give my opinions on music.)


Nas has been a staple of the Hip Hop community for decades now. Many top charting tracks, many notable bars and disses (Ask Jay-Z) and undoubtedly an inspiration for today’s music. Last week, Nas released ‘King’s Disease’ which is his thirteenth studio album, but you probably already knew that. I gave it a listen and here is what I think.


Listening to Nas you always expect great storytelling, great wordplay, and very strong track runs. This album itself doesn’t follow a certain storyline, but there is no shortage of bars and themes. The album starts hot with a track following the title of the album that serves as an introduction to what you are about to spend thirty-eight minutes enjoying. 


There are some spots where I had to go back a few times to capture an idea (Blue Benz to Car #85 and Full Circle and on). That kind of sounds weird as it leaves the features to review, but stay with me; THE FEATURES ARE FUEGO (Fire) and there is plenty for any listener. There is the ‘Ultra Black’ track that stirred some controversy regarding a line directed at Doja Cat.


I am going to highlight a track that I loved from the second the beat dropped; and that is ‘All Bad’ featuring Anderson .Paak, but then again I am a bit biased as I am a huge fan of .Paak. The Big Sean feature combined with Don Tolliver on ‘Replace Me’ was simply perfect. Themes of injustice on ‘27 Summers’ were phenomenal as well.


Overall, this album was a very solid addition to Nas’ discography and is expected to chart well on the Billboard 200. In my opinion, I see this as a 7.5/10 compared to Nas’ previous work and in comparison to most of what is dropping recently. My favorite track was ‘All Bad’ and my least favorite track was ‘Blue Benz’. Let me know what you think about the review, I am always open to criticism and always willing to listen to your opinions on the music.