Retro Star Wars games Shadows of the Empire & The Empire Strikes Back get re-releases through Limited Run Games

Star War fans! Be ready to control the force with there awesome new items from Limited Run Games! These collector items are limited yet will provide you with something unique and different!
Relive classic moments from the film in Star Wars™: The Empire Strikes Back for the NES and Game Boy!
These standard editions receive their Limited Runs on Friday, July 26th at 10am & 6pm EDT on
And #5 of our Star Wars retro collection is Star Wars™: Shadows of the Empire on N64! Priced at 44.99.
Star Wars™: The Empire Strikes Back gets a limited Collector’s Edition for the NES and Game Boy and features a retro cart pin, commemorative coin, and reversible poster all in a beautiful rigid box that will fit right in with your Star Wars collection. The poster and cartridge pin change depending on which console’s Collector’s Edition you buy, so make sure you pick your favorite (or both)!
Available July 26th at 10am & 6pm EDT on Priced at $84.99.
The limited Collector’s Edition for Star Wars™: Shadows of the Empire features the game on a translucent purple cartridge playable on the N64, reversible poster, retro cart pin, all in one of our beautiful rigid boxes! Priced at $89.99.