Red Room #4 Graphic Novel Review

I have to admit this: I love origin stories. I enjoy learning how a person is placed in that situation through a past that boils their ambition to strive forward. In this issue of Red Room #4, this origin story is packed with enough smut and terror that will have you empty your bottle of cola on the floor while your imagination goes wild.

Issue starts off with an introduction from our friendly host Crypto-Currency Keeper who hypes up this next issue hard. We are introduced to a young tattoo artist by the name of Raina Dukes that had a rough time growing up. Her father is known to have been killed by the infamous Donna Butcher on one of her VHS snuff videos. The video ended up on Red Room and everyone is seeing what happened to her father. While collecting a nice sum of a cash monthly, Raina just has revenge on her mind.

Then, we find out who Donna Butcher is! This origin story goes back when Donna was a young child and experienced some trauma that had her figure things out her own way. She loved to play with fire and liked to behead puppies as a young girl. Throughout the novel, she explains on how she ended up becoming the Queen of the Red Rooms.

Raina hatches a plan that we didn’t see coming in this graphic novel that was just epic by the end. No worries, I won’t spoil it here but I will say this! Read this issue! Get out there and get your hands on this copy! A fantastic, well written story that will have you hooked hard! I enjoyed the gruesome art which gave those facial features and terror in Raina’s dad eye’s an excruciating painful showcase! Overall, good read and would have in any collection!

Issue Rating: 10 out of 10

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(W) Ed Piskor (A) Ed Piskor
The breakout smash hit of 2021 wraps up its debut four-issue monthly “season” with a trio of tales inspired by the great EC Comics such as Tales from the Crypt and focusing on Donna Butcher, the original Queen of the Red Rooms! “Cyclical Territory,” “Pure Evil,” and “Snuff Said” explore Butcher’s origins in the VHS/Betamax era of torture porn before twisting into a contemporary revenge fantasy gone wrong. Another stand alone masterpiece from creator of X-Men: Grand Design and Hip Hop Family Tree! As seen on Cartoonist Kayfabe (YouTube)!
In Shops: Sep 15, 2021