Blue Snowball iCE Microphone Review

Blue Snowball iCE Microphone Review

Dynamic Blue Microphone

The smallest upgrade can make the biggest difference. This budget-friendly microphone by Blue appealed to me as it seemed almost perfect for my situation. I had just begun planning to record a gaming podcast with the DTS Gaming Crew, and I needed something compact as my room was already a little crowded with other audio/electrical equipment and my personal collection of comics and other pop culture materials. The fact that it came with its own tripod was a bonus as it meant I didn’t have to invest in buying a new one.

Generic Logitech Microphone

I had been using a basic Logitech microphone (I don’t think Logitech even makes  these microphones anymore) as most everything I recorded was for my own personal use, so I didn’t really see a need to find a microphone with better audio quality. Once I decided to pull the trigger and purchase the Blue Snowball iCE microphone I decided to do some comparisons. The first thing I noticed was the increase in clarity. I used to have to put the Logitech microphone almost directly in front of whatever source I was recording which was a real pain when recording myself talk as I tend to move around as it would leave me with subpar audio recordings. You can see the 3 different examples below of how much more dynamic the Blue Snowball iCE microphone is compared to the Logitech microphone (Blue on top, Logitech on bottom).

Voice Recording Visual (Blue on top, Logitech on bottom)
Electric Guitar Recording Visual (Blue on top, Logitech on bottom)
Classical Guitar Recording Visual (Blue on top, Logitech on bottom)

I am also providing 3 different audio examples below where you can hear how the Logitech microphone sounds a little muffled. It sounds almost like I am recording in a smaller room. For all of these examples I did minimal yet identical sound editing to give you the best comparison possible. Some people might prefer the more closed-off sound that the Logitech microphone provides, but I prefer clarity as I feel it gives you the best representation of the sound actually coming out of your instruments and voice. The Blue iCE microphone recordings are on top and the Logitech recording is underneath.

I will reiterate that this microphone is a good budget microphone. I am saying this to give you a solid perspective and idea on what to expect should you decide to buy this microphone. I’ve had the privilege of using a Blue Yeti Nano microphone which is about $50 more than the iCE microphone and the sound quality was of course much better. Not to say that the iCE microphone sounds bad, but it is a solid option for the price point. Don’t expect the best possible quality for $50, but the iCE still should be a solid upgrade if you’re dealing with inferior microphones like I was.

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