QUIJOTE: Quest for Glory Out Now on Steam Early Access

QUIJOTE: Quest for Glory Out Now on Steam Early Access

A tactical card strategy game

March 31, 2022– Independent development studios Cubus Games is releasing Quijote: Quest for Glory, a tactical card strategy game on Steam Early Access today.


Quijote: Quest for Glory is an interactive tactical card game based on a journey through the most significant episodes of the work of Cervantes. The plot revolves around the adventures of Don Quixote’s point of view: as a brave and powerful knight in search of eternal fame and glory.

Quijote: Quest for Glory will remain in Early Access approximately till the end of spring 2022. The Early Access version will have two chapters out of seven. These chapters are the levels as well with the same features and game mechanics of the seven chapters.

The two available chapters represent two important scenes in the original classic novel. Similar to the first chapter of the book, Episode 1: La Hacienda revolves around Alonso Quixano who is obsessed with chivalric honor and reimagines himself as the knight Don Quixote, who is set on proving his love to Dulcinea, who he has never met.


Episode 2: La Venta in Quijote: Quest for Glory reveals how delusional Don Quixote’s fantasies are. He arrives at an inn he believes is a castle and the innkeeper as the lord of the castle. He begs the innkeeper to grant him knighthood. The innkeeper simply plays along. From this point, Quijote is a “real” knight-errant ready to go on his adventures.


The full version of the game will enable all the chapters (seven) and eventually add new cards and features that would improve gameplay with an increase in price once we leave Early Access.


  • Based on the work of Miguel de Cervantes
  • Interactive card game
  • Captivating art style and gameplay mechanics
  • Single-Player

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