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Population Zero: Introducing the Last Refuge

Introducing The Last Refuge of Humanity in Population Zero
Enplex Games published a new Population Zero dev diary that focuses on the Last Refuge – a key location on Kepler.

Moscow – April 2, 2020 | In the latest episode of its Dev Diary series, Population Zero Creative Producer Denis Pozdnyakov and Game Designer Julia Melnikova discuss the idea behind the Last Refuge and its role in the narrative and gameplay. More than just a safe haven, this crashed spaceship serves as the refuge for humanity on a strange and alien planet.

The Last Refuge is the most important location on Kepler. It provides colonists with energy, shelter, and storage. Here players can meet up, take quests from NPCs, use public workbenches to craft special gear, and invest gathered resources into the Refuge’s further development.

Dev Diary: The Last Refuge
Worth noting: in PvP game modes, the Last Refuge is the only safe haven in Population Zero: thirst and hunger do not affect the game character and players are unable to receive or inflict damage while inside its barriers.

Population Zero launches May 5th on Steam, and players interested in participating in beta tests can buy a Founder’s Pack on the official site.


Population Zero is an ambitious fusion of the excitement of Exploration games, Survival games’ unpredictability, MMOs’ persistence and the thrill of Session-based titles. Kepler is a truly alien world, with intriguing mysteries and an alluring yet unwelcoming environment. Players have 168 hours to repair the reactor, restart your hibernation pod and save yourself from the Sphere’s devastating radiance before the long night. It’s due to launch on May 5, 2020, on Steam Early Access.

Enplex Games is a Moscow-based developer of game projects created in 2016 by industry veterans and currently unites over 50 people. The team consists of highly skilled developers who have had experience in large gaming companies such as Wargaming,, Blizzard, Disney, Nival and others, and who are striving to create unique futuristic and persistent online worlds for millions of players around the world.