Pizza Titan Ultra Review !!

This game isn’t your normal drop a pizza off for experience points or a high score. Its more than that from cheesebots to cheesecopters to the villainous cheeseborg your crashing your way through numerous different scenarios to get the customer their pizza. The pizza titan is a fun exciting game with catchy tunes that allows you to play as a robot pizza restaurant that makes deliveries and kicks butt while doing it. Throughout the game your delivering in many different locations and meeting a bunch of funny different characters who have a task for you within the area that either requires you the player to be fast and or destructive. The gameplay is great where you’re brought up on a platform with a catchy beat starting surrounded by tips and time extenders and a compass to you’re first delivery. Also in the area, there are secret ingredients you can collect to get bonus points all while in route to these deliveries while taking care of the main destructive task. After running so many deliveries go hit up the garage where you can tune up your titan with your tips for different looks & parts as well as different super abilities. My overall experience with pizza titan has been a fun one where if I’m not running a delivery or trying to get all the parts bought in the garage I’m just humming the song in the main menu. 

until next time keep it here for everything meched out and gaming !

-De Leon