Pile In The Car and Take a Road Trip to Houston for Houston Horror Film Fest 2021

Grab your snacks! Grab your memorabilia! Grab a bottle or two of your best whiskey! Take that roadtrip to Houston, TX for the weekend with some of your friends to explore horror’s darken features! The venue to hold this demented event will be inside of Houston Marriot South Hobby hotel! The event name? Well, its Houston Horror Film Fest! An inaugural event that will feature, celebs, films, cosplay, vendors and much more!

What should you expect?

On hand, be sure to bring your money ( I like to bring a ton of cash), there will be some vendors that feature some of the coolest horror memorabilia to date. You can find clothing, posters, Art, figures and much more! What else can you do with some of that memorabilia? Well, Houston Horror Film Fest will have the who’s who of horror celebs attending the event that you can get your newly acquired items signed. I know I have an eye here and there for some signatures and of course some photos in the photo ops area!

Celebs on hand:

I’m excited to see Danielle Harris, Clint Howard, Scout Taylor Compton, Lar Park Lincoln….why am I naming them? I excited to see each and everyone of them! Especially our friend Felissa Rose!; we hope to get some new 8 by 10’s signed by her!

The event will be this upcoming weekend June 25 to June 27th and should be a slobber knocker! I hope we can see each and every one of you at the event. Memories will be made, memorabilia will be signed, and finally an open convention to experience people again is finally going to happen!

buy tickets (if there is any left) here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/houston-horror-film-fest-june-25-27th-2021-tickets-63720022302