NEA AGOSTINI The Italian-Chilean duo returns stronger than ever with their new single MDMA

Nea Agostini is a duo formed by the Italian-Chilean brothers Nea (Guitars and lead vocals) and Ale Agostini (Drums and composition) where both have been forged both in the best music institutions and also on the road. After collaborating with countless musicians they decided to create their own style and through the last 8 years they have built a solid musical career. This 2021 they announce their triumphant return to their thousands of followers in the United States, presenting their MDMA theme now available on all
digital platforms.
MDMA was recorded in Spanish and Italian, with a more evolved indie-pop sound with Nea’s unmatched voice. MDMA was composed by Nea and Ale Agostini (BMI) along with their music producer Mat Den. Chris Cuevas collaborated in the sound engineering, Luis Barrera Jr. in the mix, under the label Luna Music / Fil1993 Group
“MDMA is about two people who know they have chemistry and an intense attraction for each other and limits are met on their relationship by overthinking, in which one asks the other to start enjoying and admitting that their addiction to each other is irresistible and undeniable, like a metaphorical addiction of a Rockstar to MDMA (Compound Name for Ecstasy). The effects of MDMA make the sensations more intense, which are expressed with the different dynamics throughout the song.”- Nea Agostini
“Nea has an unusual voice and that’s one of the hardest things to find: someone who doesn’t sound like anyone else. I think Nea in particular grew a lot as a singer with this album”. – Sebastian Krys
In the creative process they comment on how to be very solid when they are on stage, learn how the music flows, what works and what doesn’t, how to approach people and that you never have to stop showing what you are . Music is like a megaphone that amplifies what is yours behind an instrument. When you study professionally as in the case of Nea Agostini, music theory and everything related to explaining what one does can conspire against the songs “Many chords that I write I don’t even know what they are called. What sounds good works for me”.
Nea Agostini is a duo formed by the Italian-Chilean brothers Nea (Guitars and lead vocals) and Ale Agostini (Drums and composition). Nea and Ale studied music at renowned institutions such as the Modern School of Music (Santiago), the Accademia Del Suono (Milan) and the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Their first single was released in 2013.
They participated in: Cosquin Rock, BAFIM, Buenos Aires Blues Festival (Argentina), Quito Blues Festival (Ecuador), SXSW (Austin, TX), Latin Billboards showcase (Miami), Blues & Soul Music Festival (Italy), Alpharetta Songwriters Festival (EE. UU.) and Feria Pulsar (Chile). In 2017 They won two Akademia Awards, Best Pop EP and Artist of the year. They were also finalists in the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest and the Songwriter Universe with their song “No Me Interesa”, which has over 530.000 streams and their single “Estamos Juntos” with over 1M on Spotify. In 2018 they were nominated to Best Crossover Artist at the Monster Music Awards in México. Their latest single “La Calle Del Silencio” was released back in 2019 in conjunction with the Indie Italian labelFil1933 and producer Mat Den.