Phillip Broussard Guide Through The Blues

The soft spoken voice from Phillip Broussard speaks stories of enjoying life, being there for friends and the numerous smiles from the world. The guitar he strums with sings emotions while his words elevates the mood for the listener. 

Phillip displays his story though his shiny vocals that go well with his enjoyable guitar strums. He brings out the highlighted views of his life through the voices in his music. Musically he is very good on the guitar and brings out the passion of his music through it.

Phillip has opened the cage and released his music to the masses through the strums of his guitar. You just want to relax while he sings the music to you. You feel like your actually watching a movie unfold with the story driven lyrics he sings with his music. The lyrics he uses brings a satisfaction to your face as you get the story you itch to know more about. Find out more about Phillip and listen to the music where you don’t have to flip a channel to be entertained, you just have to keep your headphones on to listen.

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