PAX South 2017 Packed The House In San Antonio

The lines were long around the convention center  before it hit 9am as the doors won’t open until 10am! The aurora of excitement is felt all among the fans as they cheered for every minute ticked away until the doors were finally opened!

Fans of all likes, came out and checked out all what is offered at PAX South 2017  including meeting a few characters here and there. My photographer, DBLOCK, was able to snap some great pictures out there at PAX South and posted on the FACEBOOK PAGE.

We were able to try out the new game DREADNOUGHT and enjoy some inside gameplay for the PS4. The graphics were amazing, the game play was flawless, and all in all, just an A+ game! Check it out when your at PAX South 2017.

INDIEBOX is monthly subscription box that includes a steam code of the game, the actual game itself in a collectors box with special items and more. We saw this as an amazing product for fans and want them to know more about it.

PAX South 2017 had some amazing giveaways from many vendors and companies and one of them stand out to us. CPU Magazine or COMPUTER POWER USER had a contest to win some cool items that day. Vic and SpartaPrime were able to win a cool item from their raffle they had there. It was an amazing treat and many fans including the winners enjoyed contests as much as we do as well.

Celebrities were all roaming PAX South that ranged from Youtubers, Twitchers, to even game developers that have worked on historic games. One celebrity had me whispering his name and this is former 2 time WWE tag team champion, Xavier Woods. Xavier is a big fan of gaming and he was having some Royal Rumble contests for lucky fans at the event. He was kind enough to snap this pic with myself.

We all had fun at Saturday and waiting eagerly for Sunday to come and see what else is showcased for us to see at PAX South 2017. Tickets are available for Sunday, come out and check it out!