Gamers Pressed Play At Friday’s PAX South 2017 In San Antonio

The scene was hectic and the isle way was barely visible, as thousands of gamers descended into San Antonio for PAX South 2017. The gamers were very anxious to try out the newest games available.

PAX South had an array of booths, stations and more when it comes to gamers. As you can see in the image above, they had free play for games such as League of Legends and a personal favorite of mine Unreal Tournament 2004.

Cosplayers came out and showcased their imagination through their craft! They created some of the most wicked images that you wouldn’t think of and turn their character into a splitting image of what you would see in real life.

There was even a great concert from Magfest involving headliner Megaran which stole the show if you believe me. I had a great time listening to some gaming tunes and having fun with people around us.

Head out to PAX South 2017 Saturday, there will be more to do, more to visit, and more pictures to come! See us there and maybe be rewarded with a prize or two!

Oh yeah, check out the Oculus area and be treated to some cool posters and some awesome pins! Thanks Guys!