Out Now! Brazilian Heavy Metal Rage In My Eyes New EP “Spiral”

Rage In My Eyes has been working on their second release under this name over the past year and are excited to finally bring it  to fruition. “Spiral” will join the 2019 full length “Ice Cell” under this current band name, however, the musicians also released 3 full length albums “The Sniper” (2012), “Skeletons Domination” (2008) and “Darkness & Light” (2006) under the name Scelerata, which ran from 2002-2018. The band explains the new EP:

“This EP was written and made during a pandemic. All band members suffered losses of loved ones during the pandemic, some directly related to covid, some not. Also due to covid, the band couldn’t get together in a practice room to jam to the tracks. Each member had to work on their part separately, which was something new within the band. Plus, some songs were being written and arranged during the recording sessions, so we felt it was being made in real-time. All of the above impacted lyrics and the songwriting. We like to think of this EP as a way to say farewell to our dear loved ones and as a spiral of emotions that keeps coming and going.”

It’s evident that creating a journey for the listener is of utmost importance for the band; they explain that the tracklist was carefully thought out and placed in particular order and the EP is best enjoyed from beginning to end. The EP is five songs long with a total running time of under 20 minutes for a nice succinct burst of Brazilian heavy metal flavour that will leave listeners wanting more from this long-running and highly talented group of musicians.

Lightly proggy, and technically approachable, Rage In My Eyes brings a South American flair to traditional heavy metal.

The new EP is out as of October 15, 2021 and available on Rageinmyeyes.bandcamp.comSpotify.

Music Video “And Then Came The Storm” – https://youtu.be/3iJ3tkqR1uU

Photo Credit: Tiemy Saito