Maria Helena New Single Planes Music Video is out now!

The music video to Maria Helena’s latest single, ‘Planes’, is an invitation to escape above the clouds: to go to that place where sun always shines, to find the space we all need so much these days. The single announces the debut album by the project, also titled ‘Planes’, out across all streaming platforms on 4th December 2020.

Maria Helena Żukowska. Photo by: Matylda Gombrych

This past year has been difficult for everyone, and it shut many of us within our own four walls. The song ‘Planes’ by Maria Helena touches on the topic of relationship issues, exacerbated, in many cases, by the current worldwide situation. ‘Although the lyrics of ‘Planes’ could suggest a parting, the accompanying video actually brings a glimmer of hope. In the last several months, many of us have been missing space, or a breath of freedom away from this claustrophobic reality of 2020’, says Maria. ‘‘Planes’ is a song about relationships in difficult times, and moments when the differences between people intensify, bringing them to the edge. The video completes this picture with the desire to escape somewhere far away, to drift above the clouds for a while, to distance oneself from all the problems. Through this video, we wanted to show that love often wins. When we come back to Earth from this ‘journey’ of ours, come back to one another, we are ready to forget the things that divide us.

‘Planes’ is the second single from the project this year, following on from the song ‘Hunting’. Both tracks can be found on the debut album by Maria Helena, also titled ‘Planes’. The album will premiere on 4th December 2020 across all streaming services, and it will feature twelve songs. ‘We wanted to create atmospheric, soothing songs, while always telling a story. I like to think of our tracks as musical ‘still frames’. With the sound and the lyrics, we always aim to evoke a landscape, a feeling, some fleeting moment, a fragment of an ordinary, human story’, highlights Maria. The artist, born and raised in Wrocław, Poland, has been living and working in Leeds, UK, for over a decade.

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A still from the music video, ‘Planes’. Photo by: Matylda Gombrych.

The song was produced by the project co-creator, Wojtek Beszłej. Wojtek and Maria share their musical roots, but also family ties. ‘We grew up often listening to the same albums and looking for similar sounds. So, we decided to join forces’, he explains. Wojtek is a guitarist and composer from Wroclaw. In 2018, he released an album with the band Element. He also writes music for popular television shows.

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The project’s previous songs have aired across many different radio stations in Poland (student, local and national). Maria Helena has also had airplay at some regional stations in the UK, including BBC Leeds (in the BBC Music Introducing in West Yorkshire show). In September 2019, the track ‘Balkan Night’ was chosen Song of the Day by the renowned Polish Radio Three. ‘Hunting’ is currenly no. 1 in the chart at the Polish radio station, Afera.


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‘Planes’ album cover. Artwork by: Elżbieta Gombrych