New Roblox Game from Creators of Miraculous RP – Club Farm Tycoon launches in Beta

Club Farm Tycoon is a semi-idle, tycoon game that brings farms to market together, allowing players to create farms and then sell their produce at a large supermarket in town.

Tela Viva, Israel – August 4th, 2021 – Club Farm Tycoon is currently out in beta, looking for general feedback and to continue to improve performances. In this game, players are tasked with running over signs to build up their tycoon. These tycoons are made of various farms – players can choose from three randomly presented farms per plot. Each farm creates a different product like cheese, milk, tomatoes, tulips and cucumbers. Some farms are more rare than others and produce more coins.

Coins are earned as time progresses on a bank on the player’s tycoon as well as at the cash register in their supermarket. They can collect coins from these locations whenever they want by running over to them. As they create more farms and put more products in their shop, they will gain more money.

Club Farm Tycoon is getting weekly updates as more content is added and gameplay elements added to the game. Toya is also running regular private playtests to get player feedback through discord, and is open to any suggestions and feedback from players generally, to make this game great.

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About Toya:

Toya is a female lead game development company focusing on creating a safe space in games for young girls. All of our games are female focused, with female characters and role models for younger generations to interact with. Toya have successfully created a number of Minecraft Maps and Roblox Games with this goal and mindset in mind.