New Product Launches with LAYER

Beosound Emerge Speaker Launch
LAYER x Bang & Olufsen
The Beosound Emerge speaker, designed by LAYER for luxury Danish consumer electronics brand Bang & Olufsen, has recently launched.


The super slim, sculptural speaker is designed to seamlessly sit on a shelf in the home and boasts a small footprint that belies its impressive acoustic output. In keeping with the domestic scale of the speaker, the material palette of Beosound Emerge is informed by residential interiors. The speaker features premium knitted textiles and crafted aluminium on its spine, and is wrapped in a natural timber or black polymer cladding that is inspired by the jacket of a book.


Beosound Emerge was in development for two years and is the second collaboration between B&O and LAYER, following the launch of the award-winning Beosound Balance last year.

CROP Outdoor Furniture Launch
LAYER x Allermuir
The CROP outdoor furniture collection, designed by LAYER for British furniture brand Allermuir, launches this summer. The family of outdoor chairs and stools takes its name from the enigmatic rolling fields of crops in the British countryside, which are represented in the flowing parallel wires of the furniture collection’s seating forms.


CROP was 12 months in development and is the latest collaboration between the London-based studio and the British furniture brand, following the highly successful AXYL collection of chairs, benches and tables. It is the first collection of outdoor furniture that LAYER has designed, and the first collection of metal outdoor furniture produced by Allermuir.

Never Go Alone Face Mask Launch
LAYER x Never Go Alone
This summer sees the launch of the GO Mask, a fashion-forward protective face covering designed by LAYER for wellness start-up Never Go Alone.

The innovative layered mask takes inspiration from the design language of athleisure to encourage use on the move, with a seamlessly bonded construction and adjustable features that offer exceptional comfort. The mask also features interchangeable ear loops so the user can customise colour and finish to their style and preference. The outermost layer is a highly breathable and lightweight knitted fabric that conceals the filter. This is bonded to a mid-layer that mirrors the curves of the face and gives the mask a sculptural structure while providing soft touchpoints for the skin. The innermost layer is an advanced technical knit that incorporates antibacterial fibres for increased protection.

Never Go Alone Wellness Products Launch
LAYER x Never Go Alone
The full collection of sanitising wellness products designed by LAYER for health and wellness start-up Never Go Alone will launch this summer. Founded by fashion’s “patient zero” Nga Nguyen, the brand is fuelled by the unprecedented changes that occurred in 2020 and an ambition to disrupt the wellness space. LAYER worked in close collaboration with the founder over the course of a year on branding, a range of protective products, packaging and art direction.


Alongside the innovative GO Mask, the inaugural collection features a sanitising mist available in refillable 75ml and 20ml spray bottles, and a 500ml refill bottle; a range of hand, tech and home wipes; and a nourishing hand cream. The Never Go Alone packaging has been designed with a focus on sustainability, and features innovative on-the-go usability features informed by observation of human behaviours to elevate the hygiene experience and inspire new daily rituals.

Beosound Balance Wins iF Design Award
LAYER x Bang & Olufsen
We’re delighted to announce that the Beosound Balance speaker designed by LAYER for Bang & Olufsen has recently been awarded a prestigious iF Design Award.


“Created with a passion for music, design, and craftsmanship, Beosound Balance is inspired by interior objects to redefine home audio,” said the judges. “It features a soft, rounded silhouette using interior-first materials such as solid oak wood and knitted textile, an innovative user interface that hides when not in use, and seven carefully placed speaker drivers with beam-forming technology that lets listeners choose between powerful and room-filling sound for everyday listening and sound directivity for precise and immersive music experiences.”