New Digital Toolset, Alchemy RPG, Re-Imagines the VTT, and announces Early Access at PAX East

Alchemy RPG has collaborated with some of the highest quality content creators in the TTRPG community to release the limited edition Alchemy Founder Box alongside opening Early Access to the platform at PAX East on April 21, 2022.


A new product in the world of digital tools for tabletop role-playing games, Alchemy RPG is leaving a lasting impression on those who see it. Instead of maintaining focus where others have—on increasingly complex virtualized tabletops—the online platform is focused on creating an immersive, cinematic experience everywhere one might interact with it: playing a game, building a homebrew world, streaming games, watching live games, and discovering new content from their marketplace.


CEO and founder of Hit Point Press, and strategic advisor to Alchemy RPG, Ricardo Evangelho, believes that the platform’s tools empower creatives to build intuitively and facilitates layered worldbuilding through organization. “We see Alchemy RPG as a digital maelstrom set to become a pillar of the tabletop gaming community. It supports visually compelling play, while empowering gamers to expand and iterate on the universes they create in a way that no other platform does.”


A former principal product designer at Netflix, Co-Founder Chris Eddie believes that tabletop roleplayers stand to benefit from a powerful digital toolset that augments their stories with rich multisensory immersion. “We believe that the power of RPGs – the reason that so many of us fall in love with them – lies in the experience of telling a story with your friends; to live inside a world of your collective imagination. Alchemy is designed to add to that story by increasing immersion and reducing complexity.”


Alchemy is kicking off its Early Access by releasing the Limited Edition Founder Box – a deck box of tarot-sized cards redeemable for adventures and supplements from nine creators including Hit Point Press, CZEPEKU, Nord Games, The Griffon’s Saddlebag, and more. It also includes a full year subscription to Alchemy RPG’s Founder Tier, a lifetime discount on subscriptions, and benefits like direct access to the development team through exclusive channels on the Alchemy Discord server.


Alchemy RPG is a virtual toolset for TTRPGs that includes a real-time gameplay experience, worldbuilding tools, streamer mode, and content marketplace, with a focus on creating clean UI that adds to your story, not detract from it. It’s led by Co-Founders Chris Eddie (design) and Isaac Overacker (engineering), with Jessy Ribordy (creative) and Asher McClennahan (operations), in partnership with Hit Point Press, Cze & Peku, and advised by industry experts, Tanya DePass, and Amy Vorpahl.