New board game 44 BCE™ debuts at PAX East 2022

In new board game 44 BCE™, players vie to become emperor of ancient Rome

Birmingham, AL – Gray Forrest Games, LLC., is proud to announce the Kickstarter launch of its all-on-one strategic 44 BCE™ board game.

Created by Gray Forrest Games, 44 BCE™ will become available May 24 on Kickstarter.

Playtesters are raving about the new strategy board game 44 BCE™, in which players compete to become the first emperor of Rome.

Made for two to five players 14 or older, the game takes a trip back to the Ides of March 44 BCE. Julius Caesar has been assassinated. Who will step into the power vacuum?

In this dramatic, emotion provoked, immersive gameplay, there are up to five suitors (player characters) — Agrippa, Brutus, Cleopatra, Mark Antony, or Octavian. With no clear leader in place, suitors vie for control of the Roman Republic through gaining Imperium. Each year, the Senate grants Imperium Maius – ruling authority — to the most powerful leader. Suitors must scheme, conspire and backstab until the Senate concedes one suitor has an insurmountable amount of Imperium.

The suitor with the most Imperium after six rounds will be anointed the first Roman Emperor!

“We are excited to launch 44 BCE™ on the Kickstarter platform in May 2022. The process of developing, testing, and producing 44 BCE™ has been a thrilling project that fulfills a lifelong goal,” said Holt Gray, 44 BCE™ Lead Designer. “Board games bring family and friends together around a common interest. We look forward to being an exciting and innovative player in the board game arena, beginning with our first product launch,” Gray said.


Here’s what some Playtesters say about 44 BCE:

“Original and thought-provoking. My favorite part is that it is always anyone’s game regardless of whether you are winning or losing. I like that you can control either your fate or someone else’s,” said Skyier Graham.

“I truly enjoyed the nature of the game shifting sides. At one moment, you are winning and taking control and the next round, you are teaming up with others. Really enjoyed it,” said David Davis.

“One aspect that stood out to me that I’ve never seen in a game is a fusion of competitive and cooperative play!  I really felt this was the strongest component of play,” said Matthew Litz.

Gray Forrest Games, LLC., is an independent board game publisher based in Birmingham, Alabama. Its mission is to create thoughtful, innovative strategic games that will bring pleasure and excitement at game night with your friends and family.