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Natanael Cano , singer-songwriter and indisputable leader of the current Corrido Tumbados movement, unites with iconic singer  Alejandro Fernández  to present a new version of  “Amor Tumbado”.
Incorporating traditional mariachi arrangements together with Alejandro’s powerful voice, this new version of Natanael’s megahit single combines traditional elements of Regional Mexican music and those of the new tumbado movement, forming a single sound that unites two generations.
The track is accompanied with a music video filmed throughout Guadalajara where Alejandro and Natanael appear together reminiscing about a lost love.
“With all my heart, I would like to thank one of the great voices and icons of Mexican music, Alejandro Fernández, for making the decision and great gesture of supporting me and the new generation with this new mariachi version of ‘Amor Tumbado’. Thank you very much for accepting my invitation, I really liked the outcome and hopefully, as with this collaboration, all of the new talent that follows will continue to be taken into consideration, ”  commented Natanael regarding this collaboration.
“I remember many people did not support me when I made the decision to sing pop; many people criticized me, and when you’re young without much support, you can feel very lonely. This is why I always strive to collaborate with the newer generations and support them. For this song in particular, Natanael called me, and invited me to collaborate on a mariachi version of his hit single. I really enjoyed the song. We worked together on the new arrangement, and the result is incredible. For me, it is a true pleasure to lend my voice to a new generation of Mexican music, ”  commented Alejandro regarding his participation.
This latest collaboration from Fernández comes after announcing earlier this week, his new tour Made in Mexico 2021 around the United States. The 19-date tour will begin September 10th in Reno, NV and will visit the main cities throughout the country.
“Amor Tumbado” is available now on all digital platforms.

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