MythBusters: The Game is playable on Steam Game Festival – Autumn Edition

🛠️ MythBusters: The Game 🔧

is playable on Steam Game Festival – Autumn Edition

Plan, build, and explode things in this simulation game! Solve all of the myths and get as many viewers as possible by recording your own MythBusters episode! Simulate the process of planning, creating, and testing myths. Be an engineer, scientist, and mathematician all in one!

For a limited time, only during Steam Game Festival – Autumn Edition, you can utilize the MythBusters Workshop, and explore other iconic locations.

In MythBusters: The Game – Crazy Experiments Simulator, you can:

📐 Solve the riddles in the Blueprint Zone to understand the mechanics of each myth
🎰 Bet on if a myth with be busted, confirmed (or plausible) before testing it out
🛒 Collect the materials for the myth and craft the equipment to be used
💥 Bring the experiment to life by testing out your creation
📣 Build your Audience to get as much popularity as you can!

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