My Windows 10 Review and Experience

So as many people are there are hesitant to try the new Windows 10 after the disappointment of Windows 8, I decided to try the new Windows 10 out.


I took the plunge and decided to download it and start my journey into the new Microsoft Windows experience. I’m a regular normal Windows user, even to the days of Windows 3.1 and still got my floppy disks where I installed them as well.


I installed this new Windows 10 on my 3 year old HP laptop, its still sturdy and still kicking after those years and its pretty neat though. Its a little slow at times but I did buy it on sale at Best Buy so I shouldn’t complain lol.


After the install, I noticed something awesome and its the Start menu! It is back and so improved that I couldn’t believe it. The new Start menu is a fusion of the old Windows 8 tile blocks with a simpler form. I got all giggity when I saw this lol!


So far, the laptop is going strong and the new Windows 10 seems easier to use and simpler. My programs seem fine so far and will be playing around with it more and I have no complaints here yet. The Start menu, in my opinion, is the star of the show and everyone should test drive this puppy. I’m already sold at it.