Multiplayer sleuthing alternate reality adventure Isklander trilogy makes its global debut on July 1st

Uncover the secrets of a cloak and dagger conspiracy in this limited time experience!

London, UK – June 23rd, 2021 – Swamp Motel, the immersive entertainment company and experience makers behind the London based Resident Evil 2 escape room / haunted house hybrid, are unleashing their online sleuthing alternate reality adventure series, the Isklander trilogy, to a global audience on July 1st.

Hack into emails, scrutinize social media posts, make phone calls, and inspect websites on your quest to unravel a conspiracy lurking just under our noses. The line between reality and fiction becomes increasingly blurred in this multimedia mystery. Part puzzle game, part interactive movie, and part scavenger hunt, this limited time series tasks teams of up to six to solve a cryptic mystery. Navigating a mix of live-action performances, newsreel footage, and fourth-wall breaking research, you must put on your sleuthing cap as your team investigates missing persons, murders, and clandestine conspiracies.

This experiential alternate reality adventure requires players book a time to undergo each chapter in this three-part adventure series. The puppet masters at Swamp Motel will oversee your team’s progress in real-time, ensuring that each episode is an organic, live event with a ticking clock. For more information on how this works, watch the following explainer video:

“Swamp Motel’s background came from immersive theater, and what we really love is putting audiences at the center of the story, plus we’re all gamers at heart, so we wanted to make something that combined these two passions,” said Swamp Motel co-founder Ollie Jones. “With Isklander we created something that not only blurs the line between gaming and theatre, but also fantasy and reality. Isklander is a living, breathing video game, full of live operators, pre-recorded content, and plenty of player interaction. Fact and fiction become eerily intertwined in this one of a kind experience.”

What Critics are saying:

“Swamp Motel’s escape room/scavenger hunt mashup is the most fun I’ve had in a year” – CNet

“Swamp Motel knows how to put on a show” – Wired

“Inventive, gorgeously designed and technically dazzling”
★★★★ The Guardian

“Fiendishly good fun”
★★★★ Metro

“It left us feeling invigorated”
★★★★ Daily Mail

The Isklander trilogy contains the following three games:

Plymouth Point – A Missing Person Hunt

Ivy Isklander has gone missing! As new members of the Plymouth Point Resident’s watch, it’s up to you to find this young woman. Enter a world of corporate deceit, occult horrors, and shadowy cabals as you put your sleuthing skills to the test. Search the internet for clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes to unravel the mystery of Ivy’s disappearance. Can you find Ivy Isklander?

The Mermaid’s Tongue – An Art Heist

Following the events of Plymouth Point, players must hunt down an ancient artifact: the Mermaid’s Tongue. The source of a great power, it could spell certain doom should it fall into the wrong hands. Your investigation into its whereabouts will uncover a murky underworld hidden within high society and the shocking truth about shadowy forces hidden in plain sight.

The Kindling Hour – A Corporate Espionage Thriller

The epic conclusion of the Isklander trilogy sees players infiltrating the dark heart of a powerful organization. Do you have what it takes to bring this sinister syndicate to its knees? Or will you wind up another cog in its twisted machine? Hack the system. Crack the codes. And find their weakness, before they find you. Starring Dominic Monaghan, Bathsheba Pipe, and Dino Fetscher.

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About Swamp Motel
Founded by multi-award-winning immersive entertainment company, Swamp Motel creates entertainment that blurs boundaries between theatre, film and gaming. By giving audiences a pivotal role within story-worlds, Swamp Motel’s innovative productions are always live, social and thrilling whether experiencing them from your sofa, your desk or in an unexpected venue.

Isklander Trailer | Launching 1 July from Swamp Motel on Vimeo.