Svoboda 1945: Liberation comes out on August 3

Svoboda 1945: Liberation is a follow-up to our critically acclaimed Apple Design Award nominee Attentat 1942. According to prominent Czech gaming outlet our new game is  “currently the most anticipated Czech game.”

On the backdrop of history, a highly personal story starts unwinding. You are sent to a small village of Svoboda near the Czech-German border to investigate an old feud. You soon realize the case is linked to the chaos following the end of World War II and the rise of the communist dictatorship that came after. During the investigation, you discover a photograph of your grandfather. What was he doing here? Was he somehow involved in the violent events that occured fifty years ago? And does it even matter now?

You’ll relive memories of the witnesses in atmospheric mini-games. Develop old photos that reveal details of tragic events, try to keep your farm together in the face of communist terror or lead an armored train liberating Czechoslovakia from the Nazis. And talk to witnesses. How to approach someone who lost a friend on the battlefield? Or a woman who was forcibly expelled from the village as a child, returning for the first time to see the place where she grew up?

We developed Svoboda 1945: Liberation  with professional historians from Czech Academy of Sciences.

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