Most popular werewolf names and choices in Werewolf: Heart of the Forest

Warsaw, October 21st, 2020—Different Tales and Walkabout Games, the studios behind Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest, have analyzed the most important choices the players made in the game, and are surprised by the most popular approach.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest is a savage horror game that adapts the mechanics of the pen-and-paper RPG Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and the first game based on the legendary system. In this story-focused experience, you play Maia, a young girl who comes to Poland looking for her roots and gets drafted into an ancient war.

Heart of the Forest was released on October 13th, 2020 for PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam,, and GeForce Now. The game has met with an enthusiastic response from both gamers and critics, becoming a Trending and Featured title on Steam, with a “Very Positive” average user score. ScreenRant awarded the game with a score of 8/10, pointing out that “The quality of the writing is fantastic” and that’s “an engaging game that has a much-needed new perspective on the World of Darkness.”

The game offers more than 200,000 paths leading to 5 main endings. The players shape their character over the course of the entire journey.

Just like in the pen-and-paper original, the players can end up with different auspices, which determine the character’s nature.

„We were surprised that despite our tale being about Rage, many players chose a peaceful approach, based on wits and negotiation skills rather than aggression and anger,” said Piotr Gnyp from Walkabout Games.

  • Ragabash: A child born on the new moon, destined to be a master of stealth, trickery, and guile. Such werewolves are known as “Questioners of the Ways,” and they are granted latitude to break — or at least bend — the rules of Garou society that other werewolves are not.
  • Theurge: Garou born under the crescent moon. Ritualists, spirit-masters, shamans, and mystics. The wan light of the crescent moon illuminates the spirits and the riddles they tell.
  • Philodox: Werewolves born under the half-moon. Judges and balancers. Caught between extremes — man and wolf, Garou and human, adaptation and tradition, spirit and flesh — such Garou have to be able to make wise decisions on behalf of their fellows.
  • Galliards: Werewolves born under the gibbous moon. Renowned for their memories and their creativity, they are destined to be storytellers and lore keepers.
  • Ahroun: Garou born under the full moon. They are spirit warriors, the deadliest and most vicious of their kind.

At a point in the game, the players choose their werewolf name. The most popular, selected by 21%, was Mist. 18% chose Burza – the Polish word for Storm.

Other popular Polish names were Skała (Rock), Wichura (Gale), Pieśń (Song), and Iskra (Spark).