Prepare for Battle – The Weapons of Population Zero

You have no chance to traverse the wild lands of Kepler without fighting. To meet the dangers and solve the mysteries of the planet, colonists need various weapons to defend themselves. Luckily, the planet offers enough resources to craft a great variety of melee and range weapons.

Use strictly as intended

Fists — when you have nothing, use your hands. They need no crafting but don’t do much damage. Colonists can fight and get resources with hands, but it would be more effective to use them for crafting weapons.

Foam moss and bractus pollen on a stick make an unusual torch: it gives light but doesn’t burn. Foam torch can also be used as a weapon though it isn’t designed for battle and can break in a couple of strikes.

Fight Fight Fight

All weapons have their unique attacks. Hammers, axes and knives are firstly made for getting resources, while swords and spears are real military weapons with high damage rate.

Also weapons have different types of damage: slashing for axes and swords, piercing for knife and spear (perfect for armored opponents) and crushing for hammers. Different types of damage are also useful for obtaining different resources.

You can get up to 4 resources depending on what weapon you use. For example, to get fungal shards to craft a weapon, you’ll need to cut xenofungus with an axe. But if you crush it, you’ll get fungal flakes instead and light a fire with them.

Stone, bractus, xenofungus

Three basic weapon types made from stone, bractus or xenofungus are perfect for survival on Kepler savannah. The materials can be easily found on the planet surface and don’t need much time or complex workbenches to craft. These weapons are available not only for the colonist who hasn’t chosen the faction yet, but also for both technocrats and xenobiots.

Stone weapons are most basic in the game. Axes, knives and hammers made from stones have average damage and deteriorate quickly. Stone ferrules can be replaced with hull fragments scattered on the spaceship crash sites. Though these weapons are easily broken, they allow to get resources and fight very efficiently.

When colonists build their first workbenches they can craft more complex weapons. The key ingredient is fungal shard that can be obtained from xenofungus, a big mushroom-like plant that can be cut into pieces and tempered using the fireplace. Then it can be used as a ferrules for a firm axe, sword or spear.

To make even more solid weapon, colonists need to get some sticky bractus resin. Bractus is quite widespread on Kepler and useful material for crafting. Its resin, added to xenofungus and hardened is the furnace, makes a good ferrule that can be used in crafting composite fungal axes, knives, swords and hammers. These weapons have maximum strength and damage.

Finish them with spikes

Technocrats, the faction based on complex tools and implants, have a unique long-range weapon call the spines thrower. It’s all about the materials. Spiral stem, the basic ingredient, is sensitive to the temperature variations. It straightens out when heated and curls when cooled; if the colonist electrifies the stem, it will straighten out swiftly and then curl back.

Spines Thrower is made of a handle, several contact makers and a magazine. The magazine itself contains several spiral stems with ammo and the primitive battery on the base of the weapon allows to electrify the stems. There are two rates of fire: aimed single shot for finishing runaway opponents and massive series of more damaging but less accurate shots.

Many more interesting weapons from the most unusual alien materials will be waiting the colonists in the game soon. Survive by all means!