Monsters in the Closet Film Review

Monsters in the Closet a film by The Snygg Brothers follows the stories of a writer Raymond Castle (Tom Cikoski). A down-and-out writer trying to strike gold again. Dies out the blue while writing to be his last audiobook. Bring back his estranged daughter and his publisher after his final work.

As Jasmin (Jasmin Flores) makes her way to her father’s house only to be hounded by a woman that works for his publisher about his last book. She arrives and takes a look around her father’s home brings back childhood memories. She makes her up to his writing room and finds his laptop. She starts it up and finds his final work and hit play.

He talks about a book he finds that brings the demons in the stories to life by playing the story. Jasmin now finds herself in each of his short stories fighting for her life.

A wild way to be put in the middle of the story you just heard. Which I found to be a unique way of making a horror film. Overall I give this one a 7 out of 10 for the creative way they used that book to summon you into the story. On a side note, I really dug the poster on the wall in his writing room for those that know those films cheers. The one thing that I did not like was the way Jasmin was put into the next story I felt the transition to the next one could have been a bit smoother.