Confession Review

Confession is a film by David Beton starring Stephen Moyer and Colm Meaney. A story of a wounded Victor Strong (Stephen Moyer) who takes refuge in a church wounded. Father Peter (Colm Meaney) is held at gunpoint. Victor’s story is about to unfold in Confession of all things.

Wounded and hunted Victor is in a very dire spot and must find the trust of Father Peter. A cop makes her way to the church also wounded with no backup. Willow now has Victor in cuffs but is she what she says she is or is a crooked cop.

Now Father Peter must in a way take a side and save his own neck. A true-crime drama whose story is true and is Victor really what he says he is. A must-watch to find out what will unfold in this story.

A 6 out of 10 in my book is a good story overall and Stephen does an outstanding as well Colm. The slow burn in the development of the story drags out too much. The one location set got old fast for me but is shot beautifully in the cinematography. Check this one out for yourself and be your own judge on the story.