Mike Mineo Releases Energetic New Single “What Love Is”

Los Angeles, CA – Pop artist, Mike Mineo, released his new single “What Love Is,” a passionate story of battling a dead-end relationship. Love can be a turbulent journey, and sometimes it’s hard to determine when to say goodbye to a relationship. “What Love Is” is available to download and stream on digital music platforms worldwide.

This playful single portrays a tumultuous love affair that brings out the worst in both people. Mineo expresses his frustration in “What Love Is” with sassy bass guitar and bold melodies. Listeners can feel the devotion in his voice through heartfelt lyrics that paint a picture of uncertainty when it comes to love. “I knew what I wanted was a genuine, caring connection,” says Mineo. “But the relationship had been bad for so long that we both lost our way back to the love we once felt.” The emotional conflict of the heart can be heavy, and Mineo portrays that perfectly. “What Love Is” was produced by Reed Berin and Louis Johnson, mastered by Randy Merrill (Maroon 5, Harry Styles, Muse), and mixed by Paul Kimsal at Toucan Studios in Nashville, TN. The single will be paired with a vibrant music video set for release on June 17th.

The artistry of Nashville-based songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Mike Mineo shines with exuberant charisma. The Boca Raton, Florida, native developed an encyclopedic knowledge of musical styles ranging from Latin, reggae, and Haitian Kompa, which he absorbed from the cultural melting pot of his home state. His expanding musical imagination was revealed in theatrically charged performances, unusual instrumentation, and eclectic explorations. With a wealth of onstage experience, he is a crowd-pleasing performer attuned to diverse audiences, from intimate listening rooms to concert stages. Although he is a new artist, he’s already made the music festival rounds on pre-pandemic bills with Cage The Elephant, Portugal The Man, Weezer, and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. With a looping setup for solo performances, he has opened at events for a roster that includes Alabama Shakes, Train, and the Steve Miller Band.


“What Love Is” inspires listeners to pursue true love and leave a dysfunctional relationship. “It’s that point when you know it’s over and you want to find true love, but you’re still afraid of letting go,” says Mineo. Download or stream “What Love Is” now on digital music platforms worldwide via Red 9 Records. To keep up with Mike Mineo’s musical journey, visit MikeMineo.com or follow him on Instagram @OfficialMikeMineo.