Midnight Diner Film Review

Midnight Diner a film by Tony Ka Fai Leung is the story of Uncle’s Diner. A midnight diner that becomes the place where lives cross and friends are made. Uncle (Tony Ka Fai Leung) is an excellent chef and his food is the glue in the lives of his customers.

Each night his regulars come in and enjoy a great meal and catch up with each other. On the night a new face finds the diner there lives is changed forever. Love is found here as well new friendships and more are made. Being that the diner is open from midnight to dawn adds to the special nature of the diner.

Overall a great film to watch how the lives intertwine with each other. How the stories come to be and end. I give this one a 7 out of 10 for a good story and flow of film you must pay attention due to each story is like a window into the lives full of flashbacks. The only cons are the subtitles and some may get lost with so many stories tied together. A great film for movie night open a bottle of wine and get some snacks and enjoy.