Marie-Clo shares new focus track “The noise” + EP “Shell(e) Pt II”

Marie-Clo shares a new focus track titled The Noise and her new EP titled Shell(e) PT II! The song The Noise tells of a toxic experience in our own world. This then becomes normalized where we no longer see what is good or bad, and  we can’t make correct judgements. Marie-Clo speaks of not able to bare this situation and tells her story throughout the song. Her voice carries itself across the song and also the EP as well.

Listen to the EP and the noise now!

listen here:

Press Release:

The singer-songwriter and dancer’s latest release, Shell(e) Pt II, encapsulates slightly different emotions than its predecessor, Pt I. The first EP is about darkness, call-out culture, and pain, while Pt. II is more about the beginning of a healing journey.

Each song tells its own story. New single, “The noise,” speaks of the proverbial ‘noise’ marginalized groups have to deal with on a daily basis. Penned in 2017, in reference to never ending sexist micro/macro aggressions, “The noise” can mean so much more than just a woman’s felt experience.