Tired Kid Shares Bold Single “Make Time”

Tired Kid shares a new bold single titled Make Time! Everyone is so busy these days with their lives that we don’t see the bigger picture at times. We don’t see how time has taken bits and pieces of memories that weren’t created, photos that weren’t taken, and the ability to see nature at its best. Tired Kid brings that out in his new single where he wants us all to make time for things we love. The lyrics are very catchy and repeatable as you sing with Tired Kid! You have to smile to know that this song is going to help you create a new memory, take that photo and see nature at its best.

Lets make time and press play!

listen here:

Press Release:

Tired Kid is the moniker for Thomas Kelly, a musician/composer based in Toronto. Thomas tries to create music with a vintage warmth and psychedelic nature. Inspired by bands from all eras of time, he picks out elements from each like a florist picking out flowers to create a bouquet of sound for eager ears to listen upon. Pure familiarity, pure nostalgia.