MageQuit, now with carrots


You asked for carrots. We added carrots.

All the Kings Horses

Krampus is gone and an egg has taken his place. You have until Summer to… poach this cosmetic.


Take a Ride on the Airship

Say hello to MageQuit’s 9th stage: The Airship.
Favoring the reckless, the Airship quarantines wizards into pairs that must fight to the death to advance.


Custom is Better

MageQuit now has custom game options for Party Only games. If you’re like me and only care about winning, Mercy Rule will end unwinnable games early. Also, try out 2 Round Snake to start the first round with 2 spells, or Mirror mode to get the same 7 random spells as your opponent.


Yarr! New Spoils

You’ve heard that MageQuit is great for parties, but did you know that parties are great for MageQuit? Party up with friends to earn a percentage-based XP bonus. This even applies to the new and generous Daily Win Bonus.


Spring Cleaning

It wouldn’t be Spring without some cleaning, which is why we fixed some of our most annoying bugs like skip-the-loading-screen-and-attack-early and infinite-slide-off-the-stage-chain-lightning.


No one reads my patch notes

But you can find them here.


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